Understand your best friend and create the relationship of a lifetime.


A holistic and proven relationship-centered approach to dog behaviour that focuses on the unspoken language of respect, trust, connection, and love.

“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen”

Orhan Pamuk


I’m Linda Cause. I love animals and I am fortunate enough to be able to combine my passion with my business. I am a nationally accredited dog trainer, Emmett therapy practitioner, mother, and a person who is committed to making a difference wherever I can. Dogs have been my life and I’m passionate about helping create a very special relationship between you and your dog that leads to a happy, fulfilling, and stress-free life together.

Linda Dog Training Toowoomba.

“She put our minds at ease and gave us concrete, achievable steps to take with our dogs to sort out the issues. Thank you so much!! She definitely knows what she’s talking about! 10/10”


My approach – the ‘Cause Effect

A positive, natural and supportive environment for understanding and guiding the mind of your dog and building a strong relationship. Better handlers, better dogs, better lives.

I offer a range of different options to suit your goals and busy schedule and would love the opportunity to discuss which option would be best suited to your individual situation to create the change you are looking for or simply to bring out the best in your dog. Here’s is the process we go through to create the best solution for your needs.

Step 1

Discovery Call

The first step is to book a 15min discovery call. This helps me gain an understanding of your current situation and the challenges you and your dog are facing.  This call also helps you determine if I am the right trainer for you and your dog and then from there, we can work out the next step in your training journey.

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Step 2

Introductory Lesson

In this 1-2 hour session, I meet with you and your dog, assess your situation and start implementing some training, giving you some practical steps to take away with you. At this initial lesson, we also discuss the training and behaviour goals you have for your dog.  I can then recommend what would be the best option for you to realise those goals.

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Step 3

Personalised Training

This is a structured program held once a week/fortnight at either your home or the Cause and Effect Training Facility. These programs are either 4, 6 or 8-weeks duration and customised specifically for your dog’s needs. You are guided and supported throughout your training journey with written lesson plans, equipment if needed, ongoing support between lessons and for a limited time after completion.  These programs are suitable for all ages and breeds.

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Stand-Alone Program

Residential Board & Train

An intensive program where your dog boards at the Cause & Effect residence for a minimum of 4 weeks. All dogs in this program, live in our house with my own dogs and are treated as part of our family.  The structure and consistency provided gives your dog a fantastic  learning experience in real world situations.    Brilliant for all puppies and young dogs, no matter what their future entails.

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Dogs are one of the most amazing creatures on earth – and I’m not being biased. The connection between humans and dogs can be one of the strongest bonds you will find – scientists are in awe of it, movies have been made about it. My passion is helping people develop a deeper understanding of their dog and how to connect with them so they can discover the fun and companionship that only a dog can give, without the chaos and anxiety. Developing an incredible relationship with your dog comes down to trust, understanding, communication, motivation, and consistency. Both owners and dogs are critical to the process. It’s not about stopping your dog from doing something, it’s about understanding why your dog is doing something and working on creating a holistic solution (cause & effect). It’s about developing a language between you both built on respect, trust, and love.

With over 40 years of experience owning and working with puppies and dogs including much-loved therapy dogs, I take a holistic, relationship-based approach that goes beyond just ‘training and obedience’. I bring accredited experience in a variety of training techniques as well as muscle work and natural therapies. I’ve worked with many different owners and attended workshops and seminars learning from some of the worlds leading dog trainers and behaviourists. The knowledge I have gained throughout my life in understanding dogs – their mind, their innate nature, and their physical makeup – and experience with a variety of breeds and owners allows me to customise my approach to each individual dog and family to give you the best outcome possible. Whether you have a new puppy, rescue, or older canine family member or training a dog for therapy and emotional support, I can help.

My approach is open and practical, easy to understand, and not overwhelming. I take the time to understand you, as well as your dog, and what you want from your relationship. I work with your goals and lifestyle and aim to provide a safe, positive and encouraging environment for you and your dog – to help you feel comfortable and confident to be guided through the issues that you are having now and have the knowledge and skill to handle issues that can come up later on. My goal is to involve you every step of the way and teach you to understand and learn with your dog. I’m here to help you develop and fine-tune the unspoken language of respect, trust, connection, and love. Then you’ll have a well-mannered dog and, more importantly, an incredible companion and best friend.

“Training your dog is only half the story. Any great relationship ‘takes two’. Owners and handlers are the other half. That’s why I focus on trust and understanding – it’s so important that caring and responsible owners and handlers see their behaviour in a new light too.”

“I aim to empower dog owners with a better understanding of their dog and how to bring the best out in them in order to create true companions, well-mannered household residents, and working partners.”

How can I help you?

Let’s create incredible dog-human bonds

At Cause & Effect, I  work with dogs of all ages – puppies, young dogs, and more mature canines – that are part of the family purely for companionship or those who are being trained specifically for therapy purposes. I have a special interest in training puppies and believe if we can get our puppies off to a great start, you have a fantastic family member or therapy dog for many years.

Let me help you:

  • Manage high energy and create a calmer, more balanced dog
  • Set up the best foundation possible for puppies to help create a lifetime of pleasure and enjoyment with your dog
  • Improve social skills and behaviour when out and about
  • Address behavioural issues around the home
  • Teach  the basic obedience your dog needs to know to be well mannered canine citizen
  • Encourage better movement and manage pain

I learnt a lot – probably more
than my Maggie – and I highly recommend Linda!


Specific areas my clients work with me on:

✓ Toilet training

✓ Nuisance barking  

✓ Destructive behaviours  

✓ Resource guarding  

✓ Biting/Mouthing  

✓ Jumping up  

✓ Pulling on the lead  

✓ Over excitement  

✓ General/separation anxiety

✓ Multi dog (or animal) household management 

✓ Leash reactivity

✓ Leash pulling

✓ Mobility issues

✓ Early puppy development management

Puppy Training.

Puppy Training

Establishing brilliant basics and foundations – a connection that lasts a lifetime

Let me help you and your puppy begin your relationship on the right paw. I’m just a tad passionate about puppy training. Your dog is learning every minute of every day. What we allow him to do now, is what he believes he can do in the future.

Therapy Dog Training.

Therapy Dog Training

Affection, comfort, and emotional support for those that need it most

Dogs do more than just offer joy and companionship. Because they are so highly attuned to our behaviours and emotions, they can play an exceptional role in the wellbeing of our community. A therapy dog is a dog that is trained to provide affection, comfort, and support to people in settings such as hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, schools, libraries, hospices, courts, and disaster areas.

Obedience Dog Training.

General Obedience & Behaviour Management

Develop a better connection and support sanity, order, and joy in the home!

While I believe in establishing a brilliant foundation with your puppy, you may have a young dog or mature canine that is exhibiting problem behaviours – whether misbehaving in the home or causing chaos when out and about! Alternatively you may simply want to expand or refresh your dogs training or discuss diet and natural therapies. I have a special interest in Nosework which I can also help you with.

Dog Physiotherapy.

Muscle & Movement Work

Help your dog feel and be their best

I use gentle and effective techniques to relieve body imbalances, and muscular and/or injury discomfort. This can often play a critical role in your dog’s attitude and behaviour. I am an experienced Practitioner in Canine Myofunction and the Emmett Technique for people and animals.

Temperament Testing.

Temperament Testing

A better match!

Temperaments are so important for breeders to understand. This helps in proactively matching puppies to families and selecting the right dog for specific working abilities and roles, for example therapy.

A great trainer and passionate about the work she does. Making a difference is not as easy as it seems, but Linda is doing just that!


Why I’m passionate about training – better relationships, better lives!

Linda gave us great guidance for setting boundaries and communicating clearly to help our mini schnauzer Henry learn a few house rules and manners! She is practical and very patient with explaining the why so we could understand the key to getting the best out of our boy. The one on one coaching also helped us with lead training. We can see a real difference in Henry in so many ways already. It was money well spent! Thanks Linda for sharing your amazing knowledge! You are the Super Nanny of dogs!!!



Linda did a fabulous job when our puppy Peggy lived with her for puppy training. What a pleasure it has been to bring home a puppy who is crate trained, walks beautifully on lead and is wonderfully socialised with all sorts of people and dogs – really practical, useful training for day to day life. Linda was great giving us updates on progress and truly takes care of your dog as her own. Highly recommend, best decision we ever made.


The best thing we did was to send our puppy to Linda for training. She was a little black whirlwind when we put her on the plane, and she came back a confident, well behaved girl with great boundaries and her spirit in tact. I loved the regular updates, receiving videos and photos. Since Maddie came home, we’ve followed through with further training, and she flies through! Thank you for getting our girl on the right track!


Meet the rest of the team

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Canine Commander in Chief

Lottie - Puppy Helper.


Specialist Puppy Helper

Theo - Jack of All Trades.


Jack of All Trades



Apprentice in Training

Ready to develop your dog to their fullest potential, establish a connection beyond words and experience how fantastic living with a dog can be?

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