About Us

Welcome fellow dog lover.
I’m Linda Cause, chief trainer and owner at Cause & Effect Dog Training.

Cause and Effect Dog Training is a  Toowoomba based business helping people create a strong,  healthy relationship with their dogs through lifestyle training for living a harmonious life together,  obedience training, behavioural modification,  enrichment training and therapy dog training.   As every dog is different, I believe that the best training outcomes develop from taking a  holistic approach.  This is why I combine a range of proven training techniques together with muscle work when needed, diet, structured play and natural therapies to bring the very best out in your dog and develop an amazing bond. We work with people all across Australia and beyond.

I have been training and working with dogs for over 40 years and hold a Certification III in dog training and behaviour through the National Dog Trainers Federation of Australia.  I am also an experienced Practitioner in Canine Myofunction and the Emmett Technique for people and animals.

My ‘tail’ – How did this all start…

I grew up in Maryborough, Queensland and at the age of 5 our family welcomed our first dog, Bobby, an Australian Terrier. Being the youngest in the family, one of my sisters took over the care of Bobby so I turned my attention to every other animal that I could.  Thus began the menagerie of animals in our home.  Rats, mice, budgies, finches, quails, fish, snails,  guinea pigs – basically everything except what I really wanted…. my own dog.  

In my teenage years, I finally got my first dog, a Rottweiler named Tulia and then my second, also a rottie,  named Titan, and then a curly coated retriever called Holly. While I was an avid competitor and instructor in obedience and conformation shows,   I began to realise that obedience training a dog didn’t necessarily relate to a good dog in the home.  I saw so many dogs who had super obedience but were nightmares to live with.   This is where my true understanding of dogs and our relationship with them, began.  I love seeing the transformation within a family  that happens when they truly understand their dog.  They develop a relationship based on mutual trust, respect and communication in which training is a vital part. 


Linda Cause Family.
Linda Cause Dad.

I share my home with my 4 dogs who I love to hang out with, my Meyers parrot called Jerry, my quirky chickens, quail and guinea pigs. I have a special interest in Nosework, but I’m also interested in gardening, reading, playing the piano, and spending time with my family and friends.

Me and Theo.
Linda and Lottie.

What makes me different?

I believe in a holistic approach to your dog.  I understand that your dogs’ behaviour is not always just a training issue but can also be related to diet, illness, age, pain and discomfort he may be experiencing.   I am able to quickly assess each individual dog and use gentle and effective techniques to relieve body imbalances, and muscular and/or injury discomfort before deciding the best training approach. 

I have experienced using a large variety of different training techniques and because I know each dog is an individual  and each family has different needs, I customise my approach to give you the best outcome possible. Whether you have a new puppy, rescue or an older canine family member, I can help with whatever is needed to create a great family member.

I have spent my life learning about dogs and mastering the art of behaviour training and development.  I am passionate about educating families to gain a better understanding of why their dog displays certain behaviours, the way dogs process information or think, and react.  Through this process, families also learn how they can continue to help their dog through future issues that may occur.  My dog training Programs are all customised for each families needs and offer guidance, understanding and support the entire way through.

I genuinely love what I do and put in a lot of effort to develop the best relationship possible between the dog and their owner.  I know just how much a happy, balanced dog can add to your life!  And it really does come down to understanding, respect, trust and connection – learning, teaching and sharing.

Why people train with me

  • A fellow dog lover and owner who prioritises the mental and physical wellbeing of their dog
  • A dog behaviour specialist with significant experience in the industry and with all types of dogs including therapy dogs
  • A  proven track record for developing dogs to their fullest potential and supporting real, meaningful behaviour change and bonds
  • Open, supportive and regular communication that creates understanding and confidence
  • Someone that understands different breeds, their temperaments and realistic possibilites
  • A holistic approach  that considers diet, physical and natural therapies  etc
  • Significant experience in muscle work with dogs to support physical challenges as well as the mental wellness.
  • Passion for what I do and in constant pursuit of advancement and evolvement
  • A sense of humour – you need this when working with dogs and humans!

My Personal Experience & Training

There is always something to learn when it comes to our amazing dogs. Here’s a snapshot of my own personal experience and training.

Seminars and workshop with world renoun International (US) trainers:

Josh Moran, BFK9 – dog behaviour and aggression

Jay Jack – Next Level Dogs – dog behaviour and the value of structured play

Chad Mackin – Pack to Basics – dog behaviour and understanding dog psychology

Tyler Muto – Consider the Dog – Dog behaviour and training.

Larry Krohn – Pack Master Dog Training – Dog behaviour and training. 

Forrest Micke – Protection sports 

Australian Trainers

Alex Edwards – Refine your Canine – Mentor Program

Brad Grigg – Canine International Services

Sharonika Williamson – Clear  Canine – Workshop was called The Power of Play

Tammy Peters – Precise K9

Pat Stuart – Operant Canine – NePoPo Training method Seminar

How we roll

The philosophy and values that drive us

We put our best paw forward always
We don’t do mediocre.
We’re passionate about what we do, results driven and obsessive about giving every human-dog relationship 110%. We work our tails off!

Understanding is the key and knowledge is empowerment. We’re educators as well as trainers! And we aim to offer clarity and build confidence – not confuse & overwhelm. We’re with you no matter what and no question is silly.

Woman Hugging Dog.

We LOVE dogs (if you didn’t know).
Dogs deserve to be treated with respect and love. The mental and physical wellbeing of the dog is a top priority.

Owners have as much responsibility, if not more, than their dog in creating wonderful, stress free relationships. We involve owners and handlers at every stage and seek to give you the insights, tools and techniques to reach your goals.

Responsible Dog Owners.

Trust is essential – trust in me, building trust with your dog and trusting the process. We’re open and honest and always keep our word.

We want to make it easy to start right and end right. Accessibility and approachability are key. No matter where you are or what issues you’re facing, we’ll work with you to create the strongest relationship possible.

Every dog is different and every dog-owner relationship is unique. We listen and seek to understand first, then customise an approach that will get the best outcome possible!

Serious Fun and Positivity
Humour is part of the process. Training should be enjoyable.

“Linda’s knowledge and understanding of our situation was exceptional. Linda’s techniques and strategies were sensible and easy to understand, she made me feel comfortable and confident that we could work through the issues we are confronting.
Day 1 and already we can see the influence of Linda’s training techniques helping our puppy and equally importantly our family.”


“Linda has been a fantastic help to us in all aspects of settling our pup into our home. She has provided us with great practical ways to train our dog and has helped us every step of the way to ensure that we have a happy, healthy, and obedient puppy. She is always happy to help, no matter how trivial the question! If you are looking for practical, easy to follow advice, give Linda ago, she’s great!”


Ready to develop your dog to their fullest potential, establish a connection beyond words and experience how fantastic living with a dog can be?

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