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Video 7 – Codependency

We’re going to have a look in this video about codependency, what that is, the pitfalls that can result from it, and how we go about preventing it.

Video 8 – Puppy Classes & Training

Many people think that when they first get a puppy, they need to go to a puppy class. That is not quite right. Puppy classes can be a great place, and they can also have a lasting effect on your dog in a negative way.

Video 11 – Loose Lead Walking

On today’s video, we’re covering one of the big topics that a lot of people have trouble with, and that’s loose lead walking.

Video 12 – Recall

This is video 12. In my opinion, this video covers one of the most important things you can ever teach your dog. It can literally be life saving, and that’s the recall or the come command.

Video 13 – Recap

One of the most exciting times in a dog owner’s life is when we get a new puppy or dog. In these videos, I hope that I’ve given you some practical strategies and advice for helping you to help your dog or puppy reach their full potential as a good canine citizen.

How to play with your dog.

Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it. Except not all play is equal – not in your dogs’ eyes and not if you want to build a strong and trusting relationship with him either. Not all dogs even know HOW to play. Let me ask you – Would you prefer your dog loving and wanting...

Should I crate train my dog/puppy? What exactly is it?

“I can’t possibly put my dog in a cage!”     This is usually the first response a lot of people have when crate training is mentioned. I talk a lot about seeing life from your dogs’ perspective and crate training is one of those things that we need to do just that...

Your Dog – Inside or Outside?

.The vast majority of families I see with pet dogs have dogs that are able to spend time both inside the house and outside in the yard. When we decide on including a dog into our family, we should consider why we are doing it. Is it because: • We want a dog to bark...

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