Hi, it’s Linda from Cause and Effect Dog Training again.

In video 2, we’re going to start covering what actually happens when we bring our puppy home. We’re looking at management and structure that will help the puppy find living with us a lot easier. When I’m talking about management and structure, I’m talking about setting the puppy up so that he knows how to negotiate our world.

When we first bring a puppy home, he has no idea about our house. He has no idea about what he can do, what he can’t do, and sometimes they can get themselves into trouble. Just like when we have toddlers, we don’t let them just roam around the house doing what they want. We use cots, we use play pens, and we’re watching them to make sure that they’re not getting into trouble and not hurting themselves. Exactly the same thing applies to your puppy. In fact, it’s even more important for your puppy because he has no idea of language or what you mean by anything. He’s watching you constantly, 24 hours a day, taking information in, learning how to negotiate your world.

Training happens every day, every moment that your puppy is awake, he’s looking to you for direction. So to be the best you can be for your puppy, you need to give him that direction. When we’re talking about management, we’re talking about using things like crates, which we’re covering in video 5. We’re talking about pens. We’re talking about walking with your dog on a lead in the house so that he starts getting used to the lead and loose lead walking. On occasions when he is loose in the house to investigate things, watching him constantly so he’s not making those mistakes we so commonly accept that puppies make. It’s all about structure, it’s about boundaries, rules, positive experiences and keeping your puppy safe. If he is taught to be well behaved in the house, knowing what he can and cant not do right from the start, then we do not need to go back and address problems later.